With Posh, you don’t have to lose sleep to get good sleep
With our connections, we managed to acquire a mattress showroom. In it, we stocked brands like Dunlopillo, SweetDream, and SLEEPNIGHT. We complement these with contemporary, space-conscious bedframes that help you make the most of the mattresses. We also assembled a team of mattress advisers who specialise in finding out your needs, be it a soft, supportive mattress, mattresses for those who have runny noses in the mornings, mattresses especially good for those with back pain, or mattresses that are firm yet comfortable.

Next, we did all we could to reduce prices of our mattresses. Instead of using overpaid celebrities on advertising, we save that money and pass the savings to you in the form of smarter prices for our great selection of mattresses. Instead of making a few expensive sales, we aim to make many sales with a lower price. This is what we believe is the best way to satisfy customers and get good word-of-mouth.

The result? You get what you need to get endless nights of blissful, restful sleep. All thanks to good, high-quality mattresses from reputable brands at an affordable price.
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